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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Adolescence is a time that can be hard for both parents and teens. We at Northpointe Pediatrics want your child to learn to take an active role in their medical care. We want your child to be ready to discuss and promote their own health. During the yearly well visit we will give your teen some time to talk in private with their provider so they can talk about any issues that are worrying them. These discussions will be private so your teen can feel comfortable talking about their health or social issues with us. If there are any concerns about self-harm or harm to others, we will inform you. We will always encourage your teen to discuss their visit with you.

At Northpointe Pediatrics we believe in following guidelines for health screenings. When your child was younger, we screened for lead contact and high cholesterol. During the teen well visits we will screen ALL girls ages 15 and older for vaginal infections. This screening is recommended because certain infections often do not have signs and can cause life-long health issues. This screening will be done by collecting a urine sample and sending it for further testing.

We look forward to caring for your teen as they develop into mature and independent adults.


The Physicians and Nurse Practitioners of Northpointe Pediatrics

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